Bed Bug Treatment and Removal

Bed bugs have had quite a comeback since they were only part of a bedtime story. Worldwide travel and used furniture have been top contributors for years. The resistance to pesticides and other treatment options have made them increasingly difficult to eradicate. You can pick them up at a theater, workplace, or even from a gym bag. At this point in time, it is everyday habits that add to the spread of bed bugs.

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Bed Bugs Have Huge Population Potential

Bed bugs require a blood meal for growth and reproduction. Adult bed bugs are the size of an apple seed, are very flat and for the most part, round to oval. Young bed bugs (nymphs) are very small, about the size of the letter o in standard text. Eggs are even smaller, about the size of a period. Usually, all six stages of bed bugs are near the bed in cracks, crevices, and in furnishings and stored items nearby. Each adult female typically lays one egg per day, and research has shown that bed bug populations double every 18 days in normal conditions.

A Variety of Control Methods

A variety of treatment methods have had success. Pesticides, heat, freezing, vacuuming, steaming, and even biological controls have shown effective results. Although, there is a case to be made for each, most professionals will tend to use one method they are comfortable with. Avoid services promoting solutions with only one treatment when it comes to bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Take Diligence and Expertise

Due to the resilience of bed bugs and their ability to adjust and resist treatments, it is important to thoroughly inspect for all the signs and hiding places of bed bugs.  Bed frames, box springs, and night stands are common offenders, but bed bugs can be found in bathroom sinks and other places you wouldn’t think of. Payless Pest Control's key to bed bug elimination is to seek and destroy. We will be disassembling the bed, flipping over furniture and maybe even taking pictures off of the wall.  We lift the edge of the carpet and undo wall sockets and switch plates. We will be inspecting and treating under the fabric cloth of the bottom of the box spring and couches and chairs. Fear of the infesting bed bugs may drive you to throw away furniture. Most furniture items can be salvaged. Consult with our specially trained technicians to see what is the best plan of action for you, always saving you on costly mistakes and expensive furniture purchases.  Our success handling bed bugs come from these proven processes focused on inspection, removal, treatment, and follow-up. We have experience the resurgence and keep up on the most effective control practices in the industry. A multiple faceted approach will wreak havoc on the bed bugs and reestablish peace of mind in the home. 

Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs:

  1. Bed BugInspect used furniture, bedding, and toys before you bring them into your home.
  2. Be mindful of luggage and items from visitors brought into your home.
  3. Limit sleep-overs and pay attention to discussions of friends or parents of your children’s friends.
  4. Keep bags and purses away from storage locations used by others.
  5. Check your bed while on vacation and request to change rooms if there are signs of bed bugs.
  6. Know how to identify bed bugs and signs of bed bug activity.

Do you have unwanted pests? Let Payless Pest Control help.