Termite Control

Subterranean termites are most common in our area. They establish colonies in the ground and forage for wood. They have enzymes in their gut to break down cellulose in wood to feed their colony. In essence, they are nature’s recyclers as they commonly feed on dead or damaged wood. The problem is when they feed on your house and cause damage. Termite damage averages thousands of dollars per house to fix. 

Termite Tunnels

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The Cryptic Nature of Termites

As in most cases, our homes are built and encroach on the natural environments of other creatures and then they become our pests. Termites forage and enter our structures through cracks and gaps in the slab or foundation. Expansion joints, plumbing penetrations and cracks from settling become the easiest access points. Exterior construction materials can hide termite activity and provide entry points behind brick, stucco, and fascia. Once in the house, termites tunnel and eat wood or paper on drywall. Often, these materials hide termite activity and make it difficult to notice structural damage. Understanding, the new environment and conditions we have made for termites allows for successful treatments.

Get a great brochure with more information on what property enhancements can compromise termite protection from the National Pest Management Society here. 

Control Options

Most homeowners worry about termites at some point in time. A purchase of a new or an existing home, refinancing, or remodeling may uncover or require an inspection. Those findings alert and remind us of the threat that these insects pose. Identifying moisture, construction elements, and termite activity will be the first priority of your specially trained technician. If mud tunnels, wings from reproductive termites, or other signs of the presence of termites are found, treatment options will be discussed for your customized plan of action. Most commonly used treatments incorporate liquid applications when areas of activity and damage are determined. These products are applied to the whole perimeter or localized portion of a structure. Additionally, pre-treatments, or treatments during the construction process can be made as a preventive barrier for future protection. Baiting programs are available when pressures are known in an area, but are better utilized to prevent or monitor termite activity before the house is damaged. Our inspection service, by a trained and licensed professional, will provide valuable insight to ensure PROTECTION of one of your greatest investments, your house. Payless Pest Control’s precise treatments and warranty options will restore peace of mind for years to come.

Do you have unwanted pests? Let Payless Pest Control help.